One Stop Info Center

One Stop Info Center

This free service enhances the capacity to provide information that reduces barriers to mobility and access and is part of a "one call" vision developed with the goal of simplifying the search for transportation services.

The My Vet Ride Transportation Assistance Center provides access to a bilingual Transportation Resource Specialist, who gives callers information about transportation resources and helps educate them about the options available. The My Vet Ride Assistance Center also tracks challenges experienced by callers and assists with advocacy and referrals to community agencies.

Calls are accepted by the My Vet Ride Assistance Center Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Transportation Information and Assistance Center is designed to be accessible to everyone and can be reached by calling 915.838.7433.



Q.     What can I expect from the Vet Ride Assistance Center?

A.     You may receive information on what types of transportation are located in your area and how to contact the services you need. The resource specialist will assist in connecting you directly with a representative of the transportation service, and what qualifies you to use each service.


Q.     What should I have ready when I call?

A.     You will be asked some basic information to assist the resource specialist in assessing your needs. Your name, home address, military service status, and some information regarding your physical mobility (use of wheelchair, cane, service animal, etc)


Q.     What will the transportation provider ask?

A.     Name, pick up location, destination and travel times should be provided when booking travel with a provider. You may also need Identification information such as Medicaid number, or Rider ID number depending on the provider. You may also be asked questions regarding your mobility or if you are traveling with someone to assist you.


Q.     Is there a charge for the transportation services?

A.     The cost for transportation is set by each individual provider. It is always best to check with them directly to see what the cost for the service is and if you qualify for any fare reductions, discounts or special funding.

Payment methods vary by provider so make sure you ask your transportation provider.


Q.     Will my family be able to access these services?

A.     Each transportation provider has different rules for who is able to ride. You may ask when booking your trips.


Q.     Is there an application process?

A.     Each transportation provider may offer different transportation options requiring an eligibility application. The call center representative or transportation provider can assist you in determining which programs may fit your needs and direct you to the appropriate provider to fill out any applications necessary.


Q.     How long before I can receive transportation services?

A.     Each provider and program has different procedures to complete before transportation service can begin. You should try to apply as soon as you feel you may need assistance with transportation. If you have any appointments pending, please let your transportation provider know so they can try to assist you in qualifying for service.


Q.     My organization serves veterans. How can I get it listed on this website?

A.     Send the information you would like to post on the myvetride site and a link to your website. Submit your request via the Contact page.







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